How to get my boyfriend to ask me to go with him?

I'm dating a guy who live about 1 1/2 hours away. We try to see each other on weekends. Well it's been a couple of weekend's we haven't been able to see each other. I just texted him and asked it we will be able to see each other this weekend and he responded " I have a golf tournament and crawfish boil on Saturday but Sunday's open".. So my problem is why won't he ask me to attend the crawfish boil with him. I'm not sure if the other's people are bring their wife, girlfiends. Do I say anything and if so what do you say? Please help before I say something crazy. I'm just not sure he even though about asking me to go. He's been single for some time now. Also. I'm not one to invite myself.


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  • Ask him, "Is the golf tournament a guys-only event?"

    • Thank you for the answer. I will ask and see what he will say.

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    • Well it didn't go so well. He responded maybe we should just wait till next weekend. So I just answered him. When you figure out what you want you know how to get in touch with me. I'm not into playing games at my age, either your with me or not. Thanks for the advice.

    • That was a disappointment, I'm sure, but if you are looking for a relationship and he is looking for a play mate, it is better that you know that and not invest any more of your time, effort, energy, etc. I see that you changed your status to "just broke up." Do you use online dating services?

  • "Is it OK if I tag along?"

  • Maybe he wants to just to be able to focus and that you would be too distracting. I mean this not to be offensive but maybe your beauty would distract him I just suggest keeping busy and positive.

    • Thanks for the help you have made me feel better.

    • If you wanted to you could joke that you could meet him right when the tournament ends xD. And tell him your cheering him on.

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