Should I just rarely, carefully date?

I had bad experience. Got rejected 41 times, and 25 put me in a friendzone. So all I can do is get rejected on purpose, turn down girls incompatible with me (which I do. 20 in total), don't show emotion when asking out a girl (have a emotionless face), expect heartbreak, expect my first break-up, Don't be too happy in a relationship (I seen became so different in a break up), learn your feelings me nothing unless they feel the same way romantically, learn that I have a unwanted mental disability, and finally learn, relationship are scary and hard work is in involved.


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  • Try to let go of this mentality of keeping track. You kept track of past rejections and probably a lot more things that you haven't mentioned here.

    I personally think it is best to ask someone out only if you are attracted to them; not just for the sake of it. When you ask a girl out with no real interest in her, she will notice and decline.

    From how your wrote your question, it sounds like getting into a relationship is your goal. Not only that, it is the only truly important goal to you. This makes it much more difficult for you thank it has to be. It is important to be okay and/or enjoy being single and by yourself. A girl won't magically fix or make your life great.

    My advice to you is to pause the dating game. Simply don't ask any girls out. Enjoy your free time with hobbies, friends, family; whatever you want. There is no rush to getting in a relationship. I have been in a similar position you are in now, and let me tell you, it is much nicer to let go and do your own thing.

    • I didn't say I need a girl. I have games, and family for that. I'm just facing hard facts

    • Indeed, you haven't said that. Though, you clearly think a lot about these things. I think it may be more comfortable for yourself to let this go for now and enjoy your free time. These facts will seem a lot less severe after you allow yourself to relax more regarding this topic.


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  • Well, I can certainly understand what has happened to you after 41 rejections. 41 rejections is too much, and you have had so much of strength to try for so long.

  • I guess. I kind of see no reason why.