I always thought that when you loved someone at one point, you will always care about them or have some sort of feelings, is this not true?

My ex and I had started hanging out again, and things felt like they did when we were together. expect we didn't text all the time, only to make plans. whenever he had to leave early, he would say "sorry i wasn't able to hang out longer!" and he would always pick me up, pay for my meals, tell me I looked cute, etc. we started hanging out and hooking up again in November and in January he told me that he didn't want me to start gaining feelings again since I was moving to Paris next month and he didn't want me to be sad when we were both gone again. I thought this meant he cared about me and didn't want me to get hurt. i told him that he was always going to mean something to me because of our past together. he told me he felt the same way. then, a few weeks later, he told me that the whole time he actually didn't have any feelings for me and had only been using me. he said he had another girlfriend the whole time we were hanging out. he said "get out of my life. I love her and not you. get over me. im blocking you" as if I had done something horrible to him. how is it possible that he has completely moved on, contrary to how he acted and what he told me?


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  • here's the thing - when a guy suddenly changes his behaviour like completely doing 180 on u.. Either of the 2 things happened -
    1. U cheated him and he moved on with some other chic.
    2. He is a player who was just playing with your feelings all along, he never wanted anything serious but was just playing with u.
    If its the first case, it hurts like a motherfucker.. i know how it feels when u cheat on someone and that person moves on and then u cry ur eyes out coz u took them for granted, its the worst feeling a person can have.
    If its the second case, there is nothing u can do, u are not at fault and there's nothing to feel bad about..

  • Depends on the cause of the original break-up, and how bad it was. Could this be some sort of payback? Just a guess.

    • I don't think so, considering he was the one who cheated on me and i forgave him

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    • do you think he is finally showing me his true self? maybe he was never genuine.

    • I think it's highly likely. Some guys can smooth talk themselves into a relationship when they have the gift of the gab. Sometimes they even believe their own words. They can't keep it up, though, for long. It becomes too much of a pretence, so eventually the real guy starts to show.

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  • That is true but I guess some people don;t