How long to wait until she is ready to date again?

I messaged a woman (27) on Facebook about two months ago. We have been texting each other everyday. We have hung out five or six times. She isn't ready to date anyone because she just got out of a five year relationship about a month before I messaged her. She also told me that she has basically not been single for about ten years.
We have hung out together with my friends or her friends a couple of times. Our friends tell me that we have a great connection. She has even commented to one of our mutual friends that she could "see a relationship" with me in the future.
My question is how long should I wait? Should I stop talking to her as much?


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  • Forever.


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  • Remember that although you like her and she likes you, and no matter what reasoning she has, she doesn't want to be with you at this moment.

    So that means you are single. So act like it. Continue to seek other women, while continuing to talk to this 27 year old consistently to keep contact. When she is ready and you two are an item, then be with her and take yourself off the market.

    • Thanks for the reply. I feel like I am focusing on her too much though and that's not good. I get pretty jealous when she posts videos on SnapChat of her hanging out with another guy. I definitely need to scale back but let her know I don't want to be just friends.

    • Definitely communicate explicitly that you want to be more than friends, some girls are so dense about this stuff and/or some guys are terrible about communicating their emotions. Make sure u directly tell her with words so there are no mistaken intentions. :)

  • waiting does not mean stop talking to her. she needs time to heal, which means on issue of relationships steer clear. But you can encourage her, make her laugh, that will quicken the healing process.

    • Thanks for the reply. I'm pretty sure she is over her ex. I was told by our mutual friend that the relationship was over with a long ago. They didn't make it official until recently.