Help!!! How do you get a guy to be in a relationship with you?


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  • Guys do not get hints, if you do not voice it, it will not be clear.

    • I also don't want to put pressure on him because then he won't

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    • Always, if you want PM me.

    • Okay thanks


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  • Come to his place and begin undressing in front of him?

    • I need to make him commit to a relationship with me

    • Well, yes, of course, but such a blunt act *would* make it clear that you are interested. Perhaps little gifts sent to him from you would achieve the same signaling of interest?

    • Well we are already dating or seeing each other but not officially a couple

  • you have to tell him you like him, especially if he is a friend. guys do not like hints and most times don't understand them. it is really only the girl who is sending the signals that understands the signals, or thinks she is being clear. her friends might know what she is doing, but it really isn't easy for the guy to know. people look at other people all the time, so most early signals are just a waste of time.

    • He knows that I like him and I know that he likes me because we spend time together and cuddle and things, I just want him to want to be in a relationship with me

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  • Be like " do you want to be in a relationship?" and if he says yes then there you go. If he says no just like "Kthxbai".

    • No I can't because he's my best friend also and I don't want to put pressure on him

    • LOL Just ask him and then you won't be will he won't he.

  • You don't! I'll save you the trouble it won't work!

    • Well were dating just not officially a couple and I want to be one

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    • Do as you please.

    • Can't i