I have a friend I've known for the past three years. We're really close and we've been there for each other. Lately I think she has been keeping something on her chest. We were at lunch talking about how we text late and night and mentioned we keep each other's secrets. All of my friends became confused and said you have secrets you're not telling us. My guy friend then says i know what it is you and Sara (fake name for my friend) are dating. ( I liked her previously and I still do) It was awkward for a moment and me and Sara just looked at each other. Then we talk about how we text late at night and out secrets secretly and he says sure your not dating. He seemed like he was trying to get something out of us. Right after that the school announced they'd have a LGBT day of silence and she said like signing up with me. ( by the way I'm closeted bisexual so it would make since for me to sign up ) . ( For a while I always thought she may have not been telling the truth about her sexuality). The next class period she starts going on a rant about how she watched a bunch of coming out videos and how the LGBT community is treated badly. Lately she's been talking a lot about the LGBT community making me wonder if she may be hiding something? Is she straight or closeted? Thank you so much in advance for your responses!


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  • A lot of LGBT+ kids start off by convincing themselves and others that they're just really, really passionate allies. It's how I started off and how most other LGBT+ people I know started off. The chances are that she's not straight. However, you're still at a young age so it's totally natural not to know something like your sexuality now and if she is hiding it, then she probably just isn't comfortable with it or isn't comfortable with people knowing yet.

    If she comes out, it will be at her own pace and in her own way. The best thing is just to be there with her, I guess, but don't ask questions or prompt her too much or you'll push her away.


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  • I think that since she is your friend and you guys trust each other, you should just ask her.