I dont want to mess up this time. Does she like me or not?

To make things quick I will post what is happening between us right now and hopefully you guys can help

Im 17 and she's 16. Weve talked for several days now in person and I really felt like she likes me. she's smiled a lot when we talked in person and even wanted to take pictures and she even held an interest in our online conversations (Im not good at texting so I like to keep conversations in person). I feel like she might have a thing for me and I would like to ask her. here's the thing though, today she was talking to another guy that I've never seen her talking to before and it looked like she was enjoying the conversation with the other guy. But I did leave so I only saw them talkiing for a couple minutes. I know it seems very petty but I need to add that in there. Im going to ask her out regardless becasue I ain't no bitch but Im trying to ask you guys if you can tell or not if she has a thing for me so when I do ask her out I dont feel embarresed like a little bitch.

Usually I like to learn from my mistakes, but I dont want to mess up this time. I've been single for 3 years now, help a brother out.


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  • Based on the things you said, we cannot be able to tell if she has a thing for you or not. You should try asking her out.


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  • Dude your 17yo, enjoy life and ask her out.. If she says no move on to another one

    • ah hell yeah dude. Thanks


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  • Don't think so much

  • Clearly you only want to hear ohmygodyesshelikesyou... but having said that, not the faintest idea if she likes you or not. Just ask her dude. You lose some, you win some

    • Thats true. I just wanted to know how much of an ass I would make of myself when I do ask