Getting over jealousy?

Any tips on how to get over jealousy or at least reduce it?


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  • Well, jealousy is a basic human emotion and it's very difficult to completely get rid of it altogether, in fact according to me it's just impossible, why? because jealousy is a part of your insecurities and everyone will have some or the other insecurities about themselves and in some area or the other there will be some insecurities that person will have. I strongly believe that a person can't be 100% secure in each and every area of life, it's just not possible.

    To explain my point, for example a person might be very secure in relationships ( personal life) but then they might have some insecurity related to their professional life which might trigger jealousy there, for example is one person sees his collegue getting promotion then the other person might feel jealous.

    Hence getting rid of jealously altogether is not possible, that's what I believe. However yes there are plenty of ways to reduce your jealousy or to handle your jealousy. Hence I would suggest don't get rid of it, just know how to handle it effectively that itself is enough.

    Some of ways are:

    1. Jealousy is a part of your insecurity, so make yourself more secure and you will feel more secure if you make yourself more confident.

    2. Believe in yourself, be content within yourself.

    3. Stop comparing yourself with others, be it anything, physical or even personality wise. Every person is different, go by your strength and stay away from unhealthy competition.

    There is this link, hope it helps

  • Find a new beau or gal to have sex with, a series of killer workouts at the gym, a bout of video games you've been meaning to finish, or a night out at the bar with some friends are the first options on my mind.

    Anything, everything, to get your confidence up (which must be taking a considerable hit; jealousy tends to do that).


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  • Make him look like a bad person in your head. Unfollow him on social media. Avoid him