Will he leave me if he finds out that I'm inexperienced?

He's in his 30s and I'm 5 years younger than him. The thing is, I have never had sex. It's not because I couldn't, I just chose not to. But I'm really attracted to him and we're planning on going on a trip together soon, and staying together in hotels, which I think both of us understand the meaning of.

We've been friends for 2-3 years, the attraction was always there, but we're only starting to become honest with our feelings and with each other. But I'm really afraid that he'll leave me after he sees that I don't really know anything about how to please him. Would you leave a girl like me?

I think he might suspect that I'm a virgin though, because he has asked me once during our super flirty IM sessions, and he said being a virgin is fine. But then, he is a very sex-positive person so I don't know! (I'm also totally into the idea of sex and I'm not a prude by any means) Please help me calm down, and maybe teach me some tips to be OK in bed?


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  • If he truly loves you, I don't think he would.

  • I honestly don't think that will be a problem. If anything, I think most guys would be excited about being a lady's first. Just communicate with him about it, but not right when you both are about to have sex. Try to do it before you reach that point. Best of luck to you!