Is love real or fake?

I've always thought about that and honestly so far I don't believe in it at all I think it's all fake. Literally no guy has ever liked me in that way I haven't even dated anyone before only because nobody wants to date me. I've went out with guys once or twice before (that I met online) but nope they just stop talking to me after I have a feeling it's because I'm ugly or something right? Well obviously guys in real life don't like me either (same reason I think) so I probably will never ever have a boyfriend which I'm ok with because I don't force people to like me and no one would so... But anyways here's a pic of me how can I become better looking so people (guys) would like me? (Just wondering) is it by loosing weight or something like that? And no pls don't lie to me and say you look good because obviously I don't since guys are ignoring me I just want help on how to look good so they could like me? Because I feel like shit right now it's like every time a guy ignores me now I kinda expect him to like I'm used to it so idc anymore Is love real or fake?
In that pic I'm not wearing makeup except for a bit of mascara and lipstick oh I'm also in college


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  • I think it's real but rare. I don't think most people now really love anyone other than a child or something like that. For the most part, were too selfish to really love another person. I think there is a lot of lust and infatuation that is mistaken for love but very little real love.


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  • There is always room for improvement. Trim your eyebrows, lose weight, ask for advice in order to dress better.
    I like your eyes and your hair looks quite healthy.