A coworker asked another coworker to give me her number unsolicited. I texted her a day later and now she won't respond to me. What's going on?

She's considerably younger than me and beautiful. We haven't talked that much but we cross paths daily.


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  • Maybe she's busy or shy or playing a game have you two texted at all? What have you talked about?

    • Not really sure. I tried to make it less awkward By saying that I think I'm being pranked (by the person who texted me her number even though I know for a fact I'm not being pranked) to take the pressure off her but literally the only thing she said was who is this? Like a wtf why are you texting me kind of reaction. My concern at this point is that I don't want to look like a creep which I'm not. The only reason I texted her is bc I thought she liked me. Why else would she give me her number albeit indirectly?

    • I'd just tell her that tbh just say someone gave your number because they said you wanted me to have it

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  • Just about anything could be going on, which could include someone trying to set you up for a sexual harassment complaint or lawsuit.
    When females are involved, anything is possible. Expect the worst and act defensively.
    Do not attempt to contact her again.