Girl insisted on splitting bill and drove me home, is she interested?

I went out with this girl on our first date. She drove to meet at a restaurant we initially agreed on, but when she arrived she decided that we should grab drinks near her place instead so she can simply walk home if drunk.

We chat for 4-5 hours and I grabbed the bill when it came. But she insisted on splitting so I let her split it. Then she immediately suggested that I can treat her ice creams.

Later she brought me to the lobby of her house where we ate our ice creams, saying her room is messy. She then drove me back to my home where we hugged and texted each other before sleeping.

Does it looks like she may be interested in me? Should I have insisted on settling the bill more strongly? Whats your opinion of the entire night?


What Girls Said 1

  • Some girls may not want to feel like they owe you something so will want to split it. The hugging and texts before sleeping suggest to me it went well - I would not stick around and hug a guy I was not interested in and would have either told him there or told him in the text before bed that I had a nice time but was not interested. I would say if she is independent enough to split the bill she probably would have told you she was not interested by now.
    With the bill - if you offer to pay, she suggests splitting it, then you said no it's ok you will get it - then you did the right thing. Beyond that if she insists then she is not expecting you to pay and it will just get awkward if you insist further.


What Guys Said 2

  • Sounds successful to me. If she isn't interested in further relations, i would assume it was an outside factor other than yourself

  • Seems to be interested but is an independent women and since it was a first date she felt splitting the bill was fair