Do I have a chance?

So there's this girl I have been taking to for a while and I really like this girl. So I told her that o like her and she said that she's not interested in guys atm (her last boyfriend cheated) but she will keep in mind what I said. She comes to the gym with me sometimes and we talk a lot but I can't really tell, I think she likes me she just needs time? What do you think? Please help

Any other opinions please?


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  • She could just need some more time. Give her a while and see what happens :)

    • We were talking about it last week about me telling her and I said it was a rejection and she said it wasn't if it was she would have just said she wasn't interested it's just that she isn't interested in guys atm? Think if I stick with her and ask again some other time?

  • Make her feel welcomed. Make her trust you and believe that your loyal


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