Should you give up dating if your below average in looks?

A girl told me I was below average which is really bad it didn't really hurt my feelings but it made me think of why I'm failing in the dating world and why it's so hard you can't possibly expect to find someone if your below average in looks no matter how good your personality because there has to be some sort of physical attraction

Thanks for opinions


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  • Actually what I see most is guys settling for average to bad looking women :)) you should have told her that, lol. People can be such assholes, I doubt she looked like freakin Michelle Pfeiffer. Tell her to get her head out of her ass! And don't think on it for 1 second.

    • Well I unfortunately am

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    • what? sorry I didn't catch that

    • I'm saying I think a really hot girl was flirting today at the gym, she was staring at me as she came in then she grabbed the machine right next to me. It was only the two of us in there, it was really starting to scare me because I get really nervous around hot women and my heart rate was already up due to the intense cardio I was doing but when she came I felt myself losing my breath and my heart beating harder and faster


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  • There's others below average.
    And also, just cause she says you are, doesn't mean you are. You could be average or even handsome in someone's eyes.

    Unfortunately, today's dating world if prone to fislike you because of your looks, since apps like tinder are focused on that appearance.

    • So how do I determine if I really am

    • That's tricky. You vould always ask the geberal public on here, but I get it if you're not comfortable with that. Honestly, if you're not a dick it's easier.

      I'm really not helpinh here, sorry

  • No you shouldn't give up dating >< believe me, looks aren't everything!

  • No, you should not give up because of that...

    • Why it's just gonna make me even more sad

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  • Why you don't find average women?

    • They wouldn't be attracted

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    • What's Better stay in your place or take step forward?

    • What's my step forward