Question to outgoing girls about shy guys?

Am just curious as to how outgoing extroverted girls feel about shy quiet guys and how attracted you are to them.
By shy I mean a guy who has 1 or 2 friends max, doesn't go out much but rather uses his time for himself working with something (musical instrument /studies / art etc..), and yeah, you get the idea.

Would it be a case of opposite personalities attracting, or would you feel as he's holding you back in your social life. Forexample you might want to go out on the weekends to a concert, festival of some sorts and he wants to stay at home watching a movie.

Do you think this type of personality clash can still make up a succesful relationship, or would you rather advice a shy guy to stick to shy girls?


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  • That's not called being SHY, it's called being an introvert. I'm fine with dating an introvert if he meets me half way and if we compromise. But being shy is when a guy has a difficulty to express his feelings verbally and/or physically. I'd honestly don't like shy guys because it makes me alfa and dominating which I don't like to be. And we never know if a "shy" guy is really just shy or is not interested. So yeah, that's too complicated for me to deal with, I like to make my life as simple as possible. You are either in or out, it's either black or white, I stay away from gray area.

  • In my opinion I like shy guys the most because when they get comfortable around me I get all their attention , they are less cocky and conceited and they are chill. Unless their the shy guy that never ever once to go out and only wants to text or be on the phone. Other then that shy girls are great

  • Tbh, it would be partially on the attraction for him.
    But, I wouldn't nessacerely go up to the guy, because he seems a little dull in my eyes. (No offense.) And if you don't make that first step, you can't find out what a person's like.
    If you do start dating, you can't really bring him to parties etc because that's not where his interests lie.

    I would say I'd feel a little held back, yeah.


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