Many mixed signals, really need advice? anyone wise on here?

so the gist of it: been talking for a couple of months, been on about 5 dates. both mid 20's. He has paid mostly & wants to hangout again, and talks about doing things in the future. BUT he has made no moves what so ever, yet makes comments on me being good looking, cute etc etc. also notice he is on his phone pretty often during our dates, i understand people check there phones but seems like there's a constant conversation happening? general politeness is to mostly ignore it on dates no? Im not in a rush to get in a serious relationship but i want to know if there is any real chemistry there, i am afraid to ask him though because i dont want to seem like im trying to b too pushy. Is this person interested? should i ask whats up? Thanks for any input :)


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  • A good way to test him is next time you are on a date ask him to not go on his phone for the rest of the night unless it an emergency/work other than that no phone if he doesn't really comply then you know what to do

    • yeah though i feel like i shouldn't have to ask that, if you are having a really great time with someone you would usually forget about your phone no?

    • Yep he shouldn't be on his phone at all he should only be trying to impress you

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  • Girl, don't waste your time. Trust me. I was in the same situation not long ago, it was driving me crazy! When a guy likes you YOU WILL KNOW IT. You will not have to come on GaG for reassurance. Your guts are already giving you an answer to this question. It doesn't matter what he thinks/feels for you, what matter is what YOU think/feel of him. And even though you like him, you feel confused, uncomfortable, led on... this early on! Couple of months and 5 dates without a move is way too long, just cut him off. It is a big RED FLAG and you are wrong if you think things will change once you make out and have a talk. Nope. It will only become worst. Don't ignore the red flags, listen to your guts. Or else you will settle for a miserable relationship and before you know it you 2, 3 years will pass and you will realize how stupid you were. End it now while it's not too late. Don't be that girl who just waits to get "collected", it's desperate. Delete him, block him, ignore him. If he has any brain cells he will know what he did wrong, and if he really likes you he knows where to find you, he will move heaven and earth to get you back. You were already clear enough, he knows you like him, now beat it. You got nothing to lose. :)

    • Thanks for this advice, kind of need to hear it, maybe he is just shy? I do like more forward guys though, so i may just tell him that i need someone to take more charge and see what he says to that. I was scared to bring it up to him but this makes me feel like i shouldn't worry what his response will be. and better to find out now and cut it off, then wonder. thanks girly

    • Yeah if he is willing to communicate. My guy wasn't really, I tried starting the conversation but he didn't meet me half way, was just giving me a weird look and I panicked. Then he just changed the subject. And then I just deleted him. :P