Let her initiate?

We are basically Bf/Gf. I have been pursuing her and she's been reciprocating very well. I intend to take her on a really nice date this weekend and have the DTR talk. Today we both had exams/speeches. We were talking about them last night and checking on each other. Since I am the one who has initiated the most so far, should I wait to see if she will check on me? Or should I just throw her a text?


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  • No Need to Stand on Ceremonies here, dear, I don't believe there has been a Title slapped on either one of your as of yet, so it doesn't really matter who does What First. Maybe she enjoys You as the guy right now, Making all of the Moves.
    However, if you ever both get into a Real Relationship, then it will be fine down this Love Line To put her to the test To... See if she will check on me.
    At the moment, everything seems Okay Today.
    Good luck. xx

  • I think the right thing to do is to allow her to initiate as well. You have already initiated the most so far. Maybe it's her turn now.


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  • Let her initiate, if she wants it, she will