Is this guy trying to date me or just hook up?

I was dating a guy, and after about 6 weeks of dating, we had a talk about what we wanted out of our situation. We hadn't had sex yet. I told him that I'd only have sex with him if we were in a relationship, and he said that he wasn't ready for a relationship yet. That was 3 weeks ago and we barely communicated at all during that 3 week time period. Now within these past few days, he has asked me out on dates 3 times.

Why do you think he is suddenly asking me out again? Do you think he will meet my standards and agree to be in a relationship or do you think he is just trying to get me to hook up?


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  • I think maybe he didn't want a serious relationship when you asked him before then when he spent three weeks without you, he decided he missed you and maybe is willing to be more serious with you now. I say hang out with him again for a week or two and then ask about being more serious again.


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  • Hook up. When he says "I'm not ready" you say "well when you are look me up IF I'm still single" and walk away and never look back


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