He hugs pillow and thinking it is me... but?

but when i aksed for his help he just dissapeared...
actions speak better than words...
should i dump him?


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  • I think your guy has it bad for you - so much so he's too nervous/anxious to follow up in real life. I have experienced similar with a guy - infront of all his mates we hear him say "oohh she is goregous" and we all turned to see what he was talking about and he was starring at my photo haha. His mates asked him if he needed a towel because yeah the oohhh almost sounded like he had just cum haha. I asked him out later and he went on the date with me but it was a disaster as he woudnt let me near him and he left really quickly and I think he was just really nervous but at the time I felt rejected. He ended up going out with a much less attractive girl and ended up telling me a couple of years later that he doesn't date pretty girls as he is worried they will leave him.

    • he is not my guy any more...
      i beleive in actions... not sweet words. And he just prooved that his actions not as loud and sweet as his words

    • Absolutely you have to take note of his actions. I think he has it bad for you but I also think his disappearing means he doesn't feel man enough to be there for you.


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  • Yeah !
    Maybe talk before you do it

  • Lol weird reason to dump someone

    • why weird
      he said he misses me so much that he hugs his pillow and imagine its me lol
      when in reality when i asked for his help he just ignored it

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  • What kind of help? Maybe he wasn't available when you asked him for help.