He wants me to be his girlfriend already? Is that even possible?

Met a guy last week. He approached me with a silly question and we bantered back and forth for awhile. About 15 to 20 minutes in he called me an "awesome girl" and we kept talking for another 2.5 - 3 hours. We joked around, talked about current events and then the conversation turned really deep and personal. At the end he was like "I want to know you and everything about you" so we exchanged contact information. The next day we talked and he told me he wants me to be his girlfriend. I just told him it was too soon but let's see where things go and we have talked every day since. Can he be for real?


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  • Yea he probably is. Keep seeing him and see where it goes. However be on the look out for other red flags.


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  • yeah you need to take things slow. be cautious of guys who want to rush things


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