What is wrong with me? What am I scared of?

I liked guys in the pass and they would ask me out and I would just reject them. Why? I don't know!! So currently I really like this guy, but everytime he shows intrest I give him the cold shoulder. I don't know why I do it. It might be because I'm scared of getting attached and then losing him. But I do want to give this guy a shot he seems like a nice guy. How do I get over what ever this is? And what is wrong with me?


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  • Inbox me so we can both help each other. I used to do that with this guy who was also shy I did it because he had someone at the time and he was trying to win me and I refuse to let him because I didn't want to deal with it turns out he broke up with the girlfriend but I was still into him but I acted like I was done turns out he was talking to someone else and in less than 3 months he was already in a new relationship and I find myself going for this sweet adorable guy who works at my local bookstore.

    • Omg what a ass hole! I hope everything works out for you! It won't lemme inbox you 2+ xper?

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    • Omg girl go talk to him! Or wave everytime you go there haha he'd probably start talking soon

    • He looks at me while he works but I don't get why can he talk to me if he has time to look.

  • i do this too... ugh.