Girls who read a lot of romance/erotica, may I have your opinion on this article? If you don't agree can you offer your own answer?

Basically it's about what men can learn from romance/erotica books.


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  • Ha, yes I agree with what he says.

    • Is that how it would work in real life too?

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    • Thank you for MHO :)

    • You're welcome


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  • I've spent probably the last ten years reading a lot of romance and I have to say I disagree with him. Mostly. What he's talking about I think of as mostly the "bodice rippers" aka the type of romance you usually see with a bare chested guy on the cover whether he's a Scottish lord or cowboy or dressed a la 007. Those do follow his article, they're mostly formula driven and not overly complicated. And sometimes fun.

    But there are a lot of other types of romances, that could definitely teach guys about women. There are a lot that really dive into emotions and relationship issues, from both the male and female perspective. Almost all at some point involve the classic misunderstanding or mistake and it's fall out. And since it's told from a woman's perspective it can sort of walk guys through why a woman would be mad/disappointed/whatever in that situation. it can show a guy what emotions a girl is going through.

    I honestly wish there were more stories written by males from a male point of view, because I'd love to get more insight into those thought/emotions that really only go on in a guys head.

    Also, there are a ton that are mostly comedies or actions, with just a side of romance. They get a bad rap because of some of those overly flowery etc type romances.

  • I agrred with almost everything in the beginning, and nothing towards the end.