How do I prove to her that I want and crave her?

I can say I do, want to go out with her, spend time with her, provide her the most sensual sex she's ever had (her words), all that kind of stuff. And she still not sure I truly want her... she's older than me and has had some rough relationships. How do I prove I'll treat her how she deserves, want her, crave her. Cause I do! Do I just give it more time?


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  • Pay more attention to what she says and surprise her with activities she likes doing.


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  • I think her issue here is trust. Getting someone's trust in a relationship is SUCH a hard thing to do, especially when they've been broken by past ones. The only way you can prove to her that you want her is by showing her that you want her forever, not just today. A very scary commitment, but probably the right one to make.

    P. S. once you've promised her, there's no way you can back out of that commitment within the next like 800 years :P But that shouldn't be a problem anyway.


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