How can a serious relationship involve an option of meeting someone else?

Yes. We have been dating off and on for 2 years or more. Lots of drama happened. But things were good lately, and I happened to ask him one day about does he think it's right to be talking to other girls, which he said no to, but then he also added in there, he couldn't promise he couldn't promise he wouldn't meet someone else while we were together though. I asked him about it and he said , well we all meet new people every day. There's no telling what could happen in life. I broke up with him stating of course he's just using me, which he swears he wasn't and wasn't looking and was committed. But I'm totally confused about the whole thing. Any thoughts? Comments? Ideals?


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  • What he just said was "ill be with you till someone better comes along" you were right to dump him

  • Co fi

    • So sorry. My phone has been acting up. Lol. What i was going to say is. He gave you a hint already. If he finds something better. He is out. Be careful

    • Ok thank you for your reply. ☺️

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