I thought he rejected me but apparently he didn't?

Okay so a while ago I asked this guy out. I thought he rejected me so I started avoiding him and it's been like 6 weeks. But now I'm hearing from his and my friends that he didn't actually reject me, that he was actually busy (cause he said yes that he could go out with me but then cancelled because he was busy and I took it as rejection). So now he thinks I'm super weird cause from his pov I guess I asked him out then avoided him, but I genuinely thought he rejected me. I don't know what to do or how to fix this. I want him to know that the reason I avoided him is because I thought he rejected me and he said he was busy and I didn't want to bother him. And I don't really want to bother him now cause he's even busier thanks to finals and AP tests. Plus I don't know how to say that I thought he rejected me. Ugh!


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  • I'm guessing you have his phone number so what you need to do is just text him say hey, and start a conversation. From here ask him if he is willing to try again on do something with you. And yeah he should have given you a rescheduled date...

    • also explain why you acted so weird to him (by avoiding him)

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    • just tell him that you took his sign of being busy as a rejection, and you felt embarrassed by it. then tell him if he wants to you can works something out to see each other. If he says he's always busy i think you should just drop it

    • Ok. That makes sense. Thank you!

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  • Literally just say what you said here. Just tell him there was a misunderstanding because you thought he was rejecting you when he cancelled, and you just took it the wrong way. Let him know that you understand he's busy with finals and APs but when he's free you want to hang out.


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  • If it Seems as though no Chance for Romance for either of you, @butterface7878 because he is this Busy Beaver, no sense in Hashing it out, Trying to Figure anything Out or Explaining anything to him.
    As much as this is probably Bugging you, the Best from the Rest you can do is just Light and Semi sweet be Civil to him, Don't make anything out of it and maybe he will come around on his own With "Let bygones be bygones, no use in digging up old bones."
    If he really Likes you or just anyone, No matter how 'Busy,' this Guy will Try.
    Good luck. xx

  • Just be straight up and tell him all of that..