I've only had tinder for 10 days and all I've gotten is 9 matches so far... Is that bad?

Considering I've probably swiped right around 100 times or so...

I did get a number but I'm still curious if that statistic is bad or not.

I don't take any of this stuff that seriously...

  • Kind of bad
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • Okay for a guy
    43% (3)88% (7)67% (10)Vote
  • At least you got a number
    43% (3)0% (0)20% (3)Vote
  • Terrible if you were a girl...
    14% (1)12% (1)13% (2)Vote
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  • At least you get some... ):

    • Ouch... Do you use the site still?

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    • Nah I am not into hookups or fuckboys! I want a real relationship! Like an old couple haha!

    • Not lust sex!

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  • Well I had it for a day last year and got that amount or more in that one day but perhaps that has something to do with me being in a different country than you. But I had entirely forgotten about tinder up until recently when I swiped, met a cool girl, and now, again, haven't used it ever since.

    • Yeah but was there limited swipes back then?

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    • I didn't know that.

    • It's probably for the best otherwise people would be swiping all day...

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  • its alright man, you're getting something right.

    • Could be doing better...

  • Around 10% sounds alright.

    • I'd prefer if the percentage was higher... But I don't know how to increase it.

  • Its not great all considering women get 10 a day at least

  • Sounds good for a guy. Girls are beyond picky on tinder and other hookup or date sites.

    • Yeah I'm kind of aware of that I just wanted to see what others thought.