What's your stance on posting relationship status on social media and posting pictures of your partner or the both of you together?

Personally, I think with new relationships it's a good idea to just appreciate the relationship you have and let it be as long as you don't have your account saying "single". Take pictures if you want for the memories. Not necessary to post them.

But if you're 3 to 4 months in and there is no sign of any kind that you are with someone that it becomes a redflag. Assuming that you don't just use social media for business and it's a regular part of your life. But that's my opinion. What do you guys think?


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  • I am completely against it. I don't care if other people do it. I have no interested in getting involved in this trend.


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  • My stance?

    It's not really required, I see no point in it.


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  • If i was to be in a relationship, i'd hope that she wouldn't be the type to post everything on social media. I don't mind if we post photos or status updates every now and then. But i really don't want our love life to be shown for the world to see.

    The reason you go out with your significant other is to spend time together and make memories, not to tell all your friends and *cough* mutual friends (that you have accepted on FB but don't actually know) about your day out or time together.

  • What? I really don't care about that. I just try to be as accurate as I can on here (since I don't use FB or w/e). I really don't worry about anybody else's. Sure some people post pics of who they with. Sure plenty do that to try to make people jealous. I don't care. Often times neither one of them is attractive to begin with. Then it's like am I reaaaaally going to meet the chick in the relationship? Nope. So it especially doesn't matter.

    • Lol I'm referring to the scenario that you are in a relationship. Not other people's relationships

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    • Gotcha gotcha. If monogamy isn't your thing, them It makes sense

  • Not really okay with posting other people's pic online unless they are okay with it

    • Assuming you have permission and it's a flattering photo of her or the both of you.

    • I wouldn't, it's not important and sounds like unnecessary tagging.

    • Gotcha gotcha