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My boyfriend and I dated for 6 months and he proposed... yes everyone said it that was too soon. However he is super religious... and I happen to have gay friends/roommates who have a habit of going really down into detail when it comes to their sex life. .. usually I ignore them and my boyfriend didn't have s problem with them until he heard them speaking like that... now on a trip we went to this scenario happened again and it store his last nerve and he went back to the house I was so mad that didn't even tell me he was leaving that I told him maybe we needed some space to get to know our ways of being better he says he wants us to fix things but he won't live in the stoma me house with my friends cuz he can't stand him... what should I do?


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  • Have a discussion with him on this one and ask him what and how it makes him uncomfortable.


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  • I think it's too soon to get married to a person which whom you have such opposing views on things.


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