What's the worst first date you've had?

What happened and why did it turn out bad?


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  • Years ago i was on a first date with a girl. I took her out for a nice dinner. A place called the Bella Vita Bistro. We are talking fine dining without the need for a suit and a tie. It was an Italian Restaurant. While we were there she complained that the dacor was ugly and the food wasn't good enough for her. She actually said, maybe for homeless people but not me. I was like whoa hang on here i am spending a lot here tonight. She asked how much, and i said well the meal was $103 by its self. her response was "Wow i thought you cared about me, take me home i dont want to date someone that can't take care of me." I promptly drove her home, she asked if i had ever slept with a black girl. I said no she said "Good, cause they are dirty" I stopped my vehicle and kicked her out. She had about 5 miles to walk.