How can come off as more exciting or interesting? Or emphasize that part of me?

I tend to emphasize the part of myself that is more caring, sweet, and nice part of me. I tend to not show so much of my social and exciting side until people know me better. How can I show my more adventurous and exciting side first? I think my sweet and nice side being the first impression is hurting my appeal in dating.


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  • You can only show an adventurous and exciting side if you're an adventurous and exciting person. If you are not, don't bother because people will realize that you're being fake.

    • That is part of personality in a lot of ways. But I just don't always show it. I'll try almost anything once I just do those things with people I feel comfortable with. How can show my more adventurous side if that's not usually the part I will show first.


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  • Are you those things because if you're not no point in pretending to be