Why did he unfollow me on Instagram? Also why he kept asking me to text him?

He followed me after first date but I didn't get the notification, I only find out he followed when I looked at his profile. I didn't follow by as I feel awkward to follow if ti's not right after he followed me.

Second date was great and last for 7 hrs. We already arranged 3rd date next week, he kept asking me to text him and I said you can text me! I didn't text him last right away. I text him something in less than 20 hrs after second date. No respond, so I went to his instagram and saw he unforllowed me...


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  • I think there is a misunderstanding going on, it's often we have preconceived notions of who is to do what but don't convey these to the other, so we get upset and take our respective corners to brood about it. I think he thought you would contact him sooner than 20 hours after the date, he's probably thinking that you are leading him on or using him or not that interested. I think he might be hurt by it. I would contact him and see what's up, and ask if he feels hurt in any way by your actions. If he responds with well you should know I would tell him that you don't know and it's why you ask and were looking forward to the 3rd date.

    • he responded later in the afternoon, I guess when i see him in person I will ask him are you on instagram? he will say yes or no and then I will follow him.

      He is such a baby... I rather him tell me straight up

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    • Would you mind taking a look at the latest question please? its for the same guy. thanks! www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1995741-is-he-a-gentleman-or-pretending-to-be-a-gentleman

    • Yes I will. :)

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  • Perhaps here, dear, there has been some sort of Misunderstanding and Hurt Feelings in these Dealings. However, I do believe that everyone Deserves a Second Chance in any Romance.
    Contact him and try and get on the same page, no rage. He may have been acting Super thinned skin Within over the Text ordeal and is Making a Big Deal over This with a Final Kiss.
    If you both had a great time on the Second Date, and a Third 'Date' is potentially More in Store, then Instead of sitting there Shocked as Hell, Get on the celly and Begin your Beguine so you Can... Tell.
    Good luck. xx

    • He probably was hoping for the pillow picture last night.. what a big baby.. he can't keep brooding about me not following him... he never tell me he is.. I only discovered when I looked him up..

      I text him later this afternoon. He responded and said he enjoyed watcing my video but he is not followng back...

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    • Great! xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence. xx


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  • Why does it bother you so much? Well sometimes I feel like I'm following too many so I'll just unfollow someone

    • You chose those you are not interested in to unfollow right? I can't believe he did that after a great 2nd date and even arranged a 3rd date.

    • Well if I'm dating someone yeah because majority of my Followers are girls and I have lots of comments by girls so I unfollow to show I'm uninterested

    • We already set up third date... if you are going on third date you should't really unfollow the person...

  • He thought ua wid him just fo a hook-up.. u don't wan a relation and even he got what he want so he stopped texting yu... And can yu give me is insta username i would like to follow yu

    • English please. He didn't get anything from me, not even lips to lips kiss. You are a moron

  • Don't think much about it. Relax. To be or not to be, your choice.

  • Maybe he was just embarrassed that he followed you and hadn't told you, so he removed it.


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  • this sounds strange...
    maybe his interest for u wasn't that great