Is this a sign that she is not interested in me?

I talked with an unknown girl yesterday, I kindly asked her for her phone twice. She denied, claiming that she doesn't give away her phone number easily. However, she gave me her Skype id. Is this a sign that she is not interested in me?


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  • It isn't a sign of disinterest. Its a sign of being cautious. I wouldn't give a random guy my phone number either. I'd need know him a little more before I'd give out my number. I'd only give him it when I felt comfortable to do so. It's naive to give out personal info to people you don't know.

    • I can put myself in your shoes. However, I want to know if this reaction was the result of lukewarm interest or this is how she behaves

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  • Well it depends on her but my opinion, yeah she likes you.


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  • She gave you her Skype I. D , thats good. I guess he is just saying that she needs to get to know you more before she hands out her number. I am like that so I kno but I still give people my facebook, etc.

  • Just go along with it, maybe she's telling the truth and gave you her Skype to make up for it.

    • I have no other options, but would you ever deny giving your phone to someone you really like?

    • Some people only give their number to people they know really well, no matter how much they like them

  • Not really. She didn't give you her phone number because that is more private than Skype and you're a stranger. Skype is not really personal information.

  • yes it may be the sign...

    • What kind of sign, a negative or a positive one?

    • negative...
      if i liked the guy i would give him my number. If i dont like him at all, i d say, sorry i can't or give fake Skype id... if i have slight interest, but not sure i d just give Skype

    • the Skype id is right. I have added her. I have to wait until she accepts my invitation though.

  • she gave you her Skype which means that she wants to keep talking to u but since your a stranger you dont have much of her trust yet and giving you her phone number is quite private id say she's interested though

    • Would you ever deny giving your phone to someone you really like?

    • depending on how well i know them despite how much i like them

    • thank you

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