Is it normal for a man to wait ten years to find a woman who finds him attractive?

I'm twenty six. I have been single for ten years and haven't had any sexual encounters during that time.

I naturally find myself attracted to women with all different body types, however, I'm not naturally attracted to obese women. For the past ten years, every woman that I've found attractive in a purely physical sense or in both a physical sense and a personality based sense hasn't found me to be attractive. I've approached and tried to advance my interactions with hundreds of women during this time.

In your opinion, is it statistically normal for a man to spend this much of his life trying to find a woman who will finds him attractive? Have any other men also experienced waiting for this amount of time to find a woman who finds him attractive?

Women tell me that I'm confident, charming, a good flirt and a good conversationalist but I'm not their type. I'm attempting to figure out whether this is a normal amount of time to wait for a man or if another aspect of my being, such as my physical appearance might be holding me back from attracting a woman.


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  • Of course there are other people who have the same issue as you. Maybe you're doing something wrong while you're approaching them.


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  • Who's to say what's normal