Girls, Is this intelligent or making the right move?

There's a girl that is interested in me but doesn't have a high school diploma and has two kids. I myself graduated high school and I work through hardships and I'm finally starting college at 24 and will be attending this summer semester she's also 24

Thanks for opinions


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  • Do you like her as a potential hook up or can you see yourself eventually fathering her two kids? This is something you have to think about.
    A 24 year old with two kids , isn't a girl to me.
    She has womanly responsibilities.

    • Well I wanna be with her

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    • Yeah I' don't have any kids it kinda intimidates me a little because I'm nowhere near ready to be a father yet and I won't ever become a father until I'm entirely sure my children will have a good life. So if I get my degree and land a high paying job then maybe I'll think about something like that

    • Yeah, I understand. It's a huge step to make.


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  • It is as long as you are okay with her having two kids and not having a high school diploma. You are on a good path for your life and if you can juggle the entire package that comes with this woman and school then more power to you.

    • Yeah I refuse to let anything or anyone derail me from my goals

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    • Well unless I create a big financial situation for myself I won't have children

    • A nice paying job nice place to live everything if these things ain't met I won't do it

  • Everyone's struggle isn't the same, why judge her? Yeah she made mistake's, but don't we all? If you aren't interested, just tell her, but don't make it about her kid's or not graduating. Only wisdom come's with age overtime, not a guaranteed great life! Lol it could be worst! You can try to give her a chance, but the choice is really hour's kiddo. Good luck babe👌

    • I like her I think she's really beautiful, if she allows me I wanna help her advance herself because in today's world your at a disadvantage if you don't have a college degree and you can't do anything if you don't have a high school diploma

    • Ok you find her attractive so what is the problem lol? Nothing! It's an awesome thing you wanna help her cause this shouldn't be detrimental to her character. A lot of us have baggage u know. College isn't that easy, she has two kid's she need's to focus on and probably a crap load of bill's and etc I doubt school (pricey by the way even with aid) is her first priority right now. Just ease into that little by little. But definitely give her a chance☺

    • Yeah I was talking about it with her last night I was asking her goals and ambitions cause that's my deal breaker in a relationship, the girl has to have some sort of goals if you just wanna lay around and get money and support from the government I have no time for you

  • Everybody's has a story. Her not having a diploma is not the end of the world. Does she have goals? Does she work? How do you feel about her?

    • Well I like her but I feel her limitations could hinder a relationship, there's almost no place that will hire you at 24 without a high school diploma or ged. And she has two kids I don't have children and I don't know how to take care of any zero experience in that department

    • Well I guess that's fair enough. If you don't feel like it would work out, then I guess there's no point to start