How to get him to like me?

there's this one guy i like, and he's on my bus. he's in the grade above me, so that's the only time i see him. we text sometimes, but only when i start the conversation. i have a huge crush on him and i just want him to like me back because i want to date him eventually. i text him about once a week because since i start the conversations i don't want to seem annoying. and whenever i sit next to him on the bus we never talk because he always listens to music. how do i get him to think about me more and start to like me?


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  • Something small to give him like candy? On the bus start conversation with him, don't make it too complicated just ask simple things like how the day is going. Or maybe ask what he thinks about his future or past. Random conversation starters can keep going for awhile as long as you stay with it

    • And if he does something that you don't like (like miss a day of school so you can't see him) tell him he owes you something like a picture with him or a hug, I got caught up in that one myself so, it'll probably work with you too :P

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  • Approach him and ask him to recommend you songs/bands/singers.


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  • The scientifically proven, number one pick up line is as follows: "What's your favourite pizza topping?"

    Remember, with great power comes great responsiblity


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