Is it a big deal when a guy uploads a picture of him and the girl he´s dating as his Facebook profile picture, although they are not girlfriend and bf?


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  • Are they friends? In which case, it might be ambiguously a big deal. Really just depends on how you feel about it, if that girl is you. If the girl is aware of it, then they might just be really good friends. She might be everything to him as a friend.

    It's just subjective. Depends on how the girl feels about it. I wouldn't personally care if a girl put a pic of me and her up as her profile picture. Particularly if the situation was that we were childhood friends or something. If they're really not that close, then I would guess most people would think that's a big deal. In which case, the girl should know and then talk to him about it not in an angry way, but in a "I really don't feel like it's appropriate. It doesn't feel right to me, and I think some people might misinterpret it, so could you please take it down?"

    • They are dating, I used to date the guy and he never uploaded a picture of us together (although we barley had any, just two). Then a months after we break up he starts dating this girl and he seems head over heels for her. And uploads pictures of them together. And I was kinda hoping she was a rebound but it doesn´t seem that way, if he puts her as his profile picture. :(

    • Ah. Yeah. It might just be a shot at you, particularly if he knows that you wanted him to put a profile picture of you and him up when you were going out. So he finds another chick, then puts up the picture to hurt you. Or, if he didn't know that you had wanted that, then maybe it is a big deal.

    • I doubt it´s a shot at me, we haven´t talked ever since the breakup. Although it was´t a nasty breakup. Guess it just hurts knowing he´s falling in love with someone else meanwhile I´m still thinking about him.

  • He maybe trying to make an ex jealous perhaps.


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  • I think it is. Sorry.