Should I stop talking to her?

Yesterday I found out the girl I like has been messaging her ex who dumped her. Things like "I miss yooouuu... we need to go on another adventure!!!" He doesn't reciprocate the same back to her publicly so that's unkown. We dated for a little while then I dumped her but now we are talking again, hanging out some, calls me almost everyday, tells me we should go on a trip together... and she wrote yesterday on his wall she loves him.

I fear I am her plan B. I feel the time has come to cease communication with her and let her go.
Any thoughts on this? Am I crazy/over thinking this?


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  • Let her go. She's still thinking about her ex. As soon has he has a change of heart she will leave you and you already invested into her.. which will leave you heartbroken. You tell her, until she knows what she wants, then she can contact you. Other than that.. see ya. Protect yourself man.

    • That's what I see inevitably happening but he will never trust her again because she cheated. She hospitalized herself and is still not over the break up. She will not be at least until she finds someone else and I had assumed she was biding time to get over him. However if she is still actively pursuing him on facebook she is probably not attempting to forget him. I need to find someone else!

  • She is not over him yet!! This may take awhile. How long did they go out? How long has it been since they dated?

    • About a year and over a year has passed. She cheated so he dumped her and she nearly killed herself because of it.

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    • Yes. How should I tell her I'm done until she is over him?

    • Just tell her, "Look, I feel you are not over your ex. This is sort of a turn off, but I think you need to take some time for yourself. I know what you need right now is a friend. I'm sorry."

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  • Maybe she finally just caught onto the silent signals after all this time that you like her. At least thats the only logical thing I can think of.