Dating too many people?

Okay so here is the problem,

I am bisexual and I have been going on dates lately with guys and girls and I have been on so many dates I forget who is who, when I talk to my friends about my dates she said I am seeing to many people and I said its dating I thought your suppose to date someone and if you didn't like them move on... I never slept with any of the people I dated btw

Am I being a player?

This normal?

Am I acting like a guy?


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  • Nope nothing wrong with finding out what you like in a partner, only way to find out is try different kinds and see what you like the best bit like candy, you know what your fav is becasue you tried em all and found the ones you like best...


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  • Nothing wrong with going out with various people. I'm wondering how you have time for so many dates? Are you unemployed, rich or not going to school?

    • I am in University and work, I just fit them into my work load

  • whatever. sounds like you're doing what your body tells you to, there's no problem with that. get it, girl.


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  • Hey, you're not sleeping with them all. So power to you. Get to know all the people and types you can. It'll help narrow down your search. :) I wish I wasn't so shy I might be doing the same thing.