Im a sophmore he is a senior?

Im 15 years old and sophmore ill be turning 16 in December my bdays late anyway there is this guy i know whos a senior and said he likes the way i carry my self and ask me questions etc... Anyway he said if i wanted to go out / date him and im like hell yeah but my friends are like hell no he is a senior f boy and he'll try to do things and that he is older than me because he is 18yrs but he seems like a genuinely nice person and is sooo goregous anyway i just want others opinions?


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  • Don't judge someone based on stereotypes. My boyfriend was a senior when I started dating him. I was a sophomore. We've been dating a little over four years now.


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  • Your friends may be right. Sadly a lot of guys will always come off as nice but the reality is they are not.