She's giving me mixed signals, any help?

I have really liked this girl for some time now. We have grown together over time, she is usually very shy, but when she's with me she seems talkative and flirty/jokey. We text, talk etc, and have tons of inside jokes. However, like I said, she also has moments where she is extremely flirty, touchy, teasing, and "showing off" if you get what I mean. Then there are times when she cold, ignores me, my texts, calls me fam, dude, bro, etc. She always comes to me about everything, like a friend would, but strangely doesn't even tell her best friend half the things she tells me. When people ask if we are dating, she usually blushes and doesn't say anything, but then she talks about how she likes another guy (and they hang out etc). So, I have sort of started falling for her more and more, and I'm ok with being friends, but want to know if I should just try and be friends or try and be more? Need more details feel free to ask!


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  • Well maybe start flirting with her as well you will find out. When girls have a crush or like someone they either strait up tell them (rare), or they flirt to make sure the guy knows and they ask her out, but if you are not sure, you flirt.


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  • Answer is: she is using you for her ego boost. sorry

    • No she isn't!

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    • Don't make accusations and tell people false info that you have no idea of

    • @Daynada Do you really see yourself with someone who acts and play mind games with you? without being straight forward about their intention.