Girls, Need opinions! Am I overanalyzing? Overreacting? What should I do?

So I started talking to this girl, most polite, nicest, sweetest girl I've ever met in my 17 years of life. When I initially asked for her number I mentioned that we don't really know each other but I've seen her around a few times and I thought she was really pretty and wanted to know if we could get to know each other better and see where that all leads to. I'm in the stage where I am getting to know her and stuff. So we talk through text for a good 2 weeks and eventually I ask her out on a date sorta thing. So while we're on the date we have a pretty good talk, we didn't do much else except talk, there were some awkward silences here and there. It wasn't the worst time but it could have gone better. Anyways after the date I text her to let her know that I was nervous and that it wasn't a bad time but it could have gone a lot better but that regardless I had a great time and that next time (if there is a next time) it'll be a lot better. She then replied that she knows the feeling of nervousness all too well and that whole nervous process is common when meeting new friends. So here comes the predicament, she did say "new friends" I'm kinda fearing that she doesn't really see me as anything else except an acquaintance. While it is always nice to have more friends, I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic and am looking for a special relationship. So what do I do? Am I worrying when I shouldn't be?


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  • You need not worry. Why you ask? You two have been only talking for 2 weeks, then went out on a date. "New friends" Take that term into consideration, she could have refused to give you her number but she did. You have now made friends with her right? You've come this far, don't fill your head with doubt when you could very much so be close glory. Don't rush to ask her out, wait a bit. If you tell her now you might scare her away like a cat in an alley. These things you can't rush but you also don't want to take a century. Do little things to show her you like her. Birthday gifts, little doodles or drawings, you know. Cute stuff. If she doesn't seem to be catching on, tell her how you feel, and hope for the best. Be confident and keep going forward ok? :)


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  • Yes- over analyzing:)

    • Friendship is the foundation of good marriages...