Should I give him his space or should I call him??

hi I've been dating this guy for 2 months he so sweet and kind.he told me evrything about his life .how he want to settle down .he wants someone in his life.and we finally after more than one month of talking spent semi night together.he told me it was great and he ask me to go to the beach the next day .and I know he work he would skip work to go tothe beach with me I say no.and 4 days I call him and ask him I wanna see him.he come look for me and take me to his place.we spent time together.but this time wasn't great for me.and after that I never heard from him for 3 days..he usually come online late after work just to talk to me.and when I text him and ask him what happen? the next day he comes online and tell me he's been stressed out and work late those days.and the next day again I brought the conversation about the last nite we spent togehter.he told me it was great.cause it always great with me.and I ask him next time I wanna have control.and he told me yes .u do it ur way next time.after that I never heard from him.its been one week now.should I call him or give him his space?


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  • He doesn't sound dependable. I'd suggest giving him space --- forever.

    Sex is almost always good/great at first.

    But it seems to be running (ruining?) your relationship right now.

    'Stressed out' and 'working late' may be a smoke screen.

    • I know he always work late even before that.i don't know for the'' stressin out''. And I don't get it .he doesn't loves me or what?? I remember the last time we were together I told him''' you nasty cause you don't clean ur bathroom''' it was our second time together.and he told me omg. I'm embarrassed'' I don't like you anymore. I'm just so confused right now. cause I wouldn't say the sex ruining everything. cause I did take cause after the first time ahe was still into it.all the distanse happens atfter


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  • I would give him space, I think if he had enough interest he would contact you. He apparently knows you are willing to see him again and isn't making and effort is what it is =(

  • I would give him his space and move on with my life. Time wait for no one and your time in to precious to be waiting on this a$$ that likes to do things only when it is convenient for him. He is playing mind game with you and more than likely some other females as well. Move on or beat him at him at his one game.