Why is she still obsessed with what I do?

me and my ex dated for 2 years but talked for a year so 3 years all together.

we broke up 4 months ago 2 weeks later she's in a new relationship and already moved in with him.

so she blocks me on all social media, but today the girl I've been talk to (they don't know each other at all, she knows of my ex b/c of what I told her) gets a follow request from my ex.

I know now females love to keep up with their past lovers, but this is weird. She blocks me on everything, but still stalks me and follow this girl


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  • She has possessive feelings towards you. She will eventually get over it.


What Guys Said 1

  • if she blocks you it's because you still make her feel something wether it's good or bad ( in either case it's good)

    she also sees you have other options and 99% of the time it'll make a girl jealous , the other 1% it's because they are blind and deaf in wich case they can't see what's going on so they can't be pissed at you