Signs that a guy is interested?

ok so I know this is a frequently asked question but I'm interested. I started messaging this guy about two weeks ago and it's been going good. We are both in high school (not my real age shown) and met through work as we do not attend the same school. We hung out for about an hour the other day at work before I had to leave for a conference. He would message me every once in a while (usually at night) and ask me how my day was, how the conference was, and we'd talk for a little while before going to sleep. I asked last week if he wanted to catch a movie sometime l. He said yes so yay! He ask what I was doing this past weekend but we couldn't hang out because of the conference. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing it what to look out for because I have never really dated a guy before or even got to the talking stage. Anything would help. Thanks!


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  • I think he likes you...


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  • He likes you, but just keep getting to know each other before you consider dating him. It is so easy to let the moment persuade you into agreeing to things, including being someone's girlfriend, before you even know if the person is right for you. Going through multiple boyfriends is not the goal here. You want to find Mr. Right. Get a list of qualities and must-haves ready to help you determine if he's going to be the one. Some things to consider are his long-term goals and aspirations. Is he college material? Is he driven? Also hobbies and drinking, do you two match there? It's a little early to be thinking about children, but that's a major factor down the road. Also, religion is huge, I can't stress that enough. If you two clash on your beliefs and are unwilling to accept each other's faiths, it will not end well. So just remember, all it takes is a sentence to lock yourself into a relationship with someone and suddenly other guys are off-limits until you break it off. And break ups are so much harder, emotionally and otherwise. In terms of signs that he likes you, I'm pretty sure as I said above, that he does, but other things he could do is try to get to know you better, listen intently to you (like undivided attention), maintain eye contact, blushing & fidgeting (if he's nervous), deeper voice, dilated pupils, holding your hand, hugs, arm around the shoulder, paying for you -- it will be interesting to see if he offers to pay for the movie! Then it will be more of an official date. Also if he gives you gifts and talks to his friends about you. Good luck, and I'm here if you have other questions.

    • Sorry, forgot to mention! maybe it's a broken record, but your virginity is a prized possession, so don't just give it away! (I'm still a virgin and so is my boyfriend and we're waiting until marriage.)

    • Yeah I want to wait. I'm not ready for sex. We are still talking and I like that. Most people nowadays date before they even get to know each other. Thanks!

    • No problem! Glad to hear it's going well