Can we hold hands?

My boyfriend and I have been dating a little over a month and I'm just one of those girls who over thinks EVERYTHING! Anyway I wanna hold his hand but if we do at school is it pda? (I'm in 8th grade and he's a freshman)


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  • Ok, then you shouldn't hold his hand in school

  • Well.. I can't say, at my school the teachers don't care much. I see kids holding hands ALL THE TIME. Kissing, hugging. Nothing more than that though.

    • Our school is super small and him and I already hug and he hugs me from behind and there at freshman that kiss in school and our principal just says hello love birds. So I think it should be ok. Just nervous Ig.

    • Adorable. XD

    • Lol. Perks of a small school and new principal who wants everyone to like him.

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