Re guys attracted to the girls that like them back?

i saw a video about a guy saying the girl ur obsessing over will never like u back etc so move on and that the girls u pass in the street and never talk too, is the one who would like u. My question is half if the girl u like aren't attracted too, like if it's only girls ur not attracted to if u understand what i'm saying.
So I don't know if guys find girls that they find pretty and that actually like them back


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  • "the girls u pass in the street and never talk to, is the one who would like u"
    I doubt that. It doesn't work like that.


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  • I've dated girls that I found very attractive, that also found me very attractive if that's what your asking... If your asking do men tend to automatically like girls that show interest in us, then no. I do find it necessary for a girl to show a strong interest in me though. I don't want to land some cold disconnected girl just because she's physically appealing... More then a five minute conversation with someone like that is too much time wasted...

    • thanks man ur first answer is what i was looking for