Does it count as a fight?

so me and my boyfriend got into maybe our second fight in a year of dating over the weekend. we are better now, im just wondering if it counts. I was livid and he was very apologetic. there was no back and forth hostility. It did take him hours to diffuse me though.


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  • Yes, that is a fight. This is just your second fight? in this year? so that means I would right to assume that you don't fight often right?


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  • yeah, but who really cares a fight is a fight. you got over it

    • i just like being able to say we have been dating for a year and only had one fight :) but 2 is still pretty good

    • Hahaha its fine, fighting is honestly so normal, if I could count my boyfriend and I have been in two but i don't really pay attention to it! If you're fighting every other day obviously that would be a huge red flag