This girl in my college class that I'm starting to like a lot but am running out of time, can I get some advice?

Okay, there is this girl as the title says that I like in my college class, recently we were put into a group project together and I got to know her a little more and she gave her phone number to all group members, I don't know her personally and the little bit that I learned about her is more on the group level, we have texted about the project as well. Now that I have given you some background, here is the dilemma, the project is over and today she did not show up for class, there is only one day left next week and that is the final exam so there really won't be time to talk because the minute you are done you leave the classroom. I really want to get to know her and of course I would like to start a relationship yadadada, but the thing is, what should I do, I don't know how to get closer to her. Im not sure if I should text her because it was only for the project and I don't want her to get angry or wonder why this moron is texting me, I know it's pretty much hopeless already but is there anything or anyway I could go about this? Something that's encouraging or a direction I could be pointed in?


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  • Never hurts to ask. Worst thing that happens is she's not ok with it and you move on. Ask her in person if you can, tell her youd like to get to know her outside of class and ask if you can text her, or just ask her out on a date.

    • you don't run into those types of people that much so if you really like her, hell go for it. better than playing the 'what if' game for the rest of your life


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  • The only way to get closer to her is to attempt to communicate more with her.


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