Any idea why he doesn't want to accept me on facebook?

I met a guy 2 months ago. We went on few dates and it was really nice. I liked him. But he didn't feel the same about me and we decided to stay friends (on his demand). We were hanging out ever since then, few times a week and had a blast every time. I can handle rejection so I really started looking him as just a friend because he is funny and a good person, it's always good having friends. I'm not that active on social media, but he is. He has facebook, instagram, twitter... all kinds of things and he posts stuff often. I only use facebook and Skype sometimes. When we met I asked him for Skype and he added me. I didn't really care about facebook, Skype was enough for me. Anyways, he is moving to another city tomorrow due to some issues and he's gonna stay there til the end of the year probably. So I figured to send him a facebook request since I would like to know what he's up to and stuff like that. So yesterday we were hanging out and after I got home I sent a request. He didn't accept. I even texted him that I added him on facebook and he totally ignored it (he never ignored me before). I'm second guessing our "friendship" now, honestly. I don't see a reason why not accepting me? He is single he can do whatever he wants, and I saw he recently added some people. So what's the deal? I'm pretty pissed. Like if he doesn't want to be friends I'm okay with that, but if we ARE friends then why not add me on freakin' facebook?


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  • So, it's been less than a day? Or just over a day?

    And he's moving... you honestly don't think he has much better things to do than to hang around on social media when he is friggin' moving to another city.

    Jeezz... I too would cut all contact with needy girls

    • Wow a girl can't ask anything on this website without being called needy or clingy... You're right, I'm seeking answers from idiots.

    • Yes, I clearly talked about idiots in my reply. Idiot.

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  • It had only been hours since you sent the request then you sent him a text about sending the request? Maybe because you are a little clingy, or maybe he is taking this opportunity to ghost since he doesn't live by you anymore.