A guy likes all posts but doesn't message?

This guy will like absolutely every little thing I post but won't message me I'm confused. He has messaged in the past and made plans but fell through. What does this mean?


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  • Are you saying that he won't respond to a direct message? Or are you waiting for him to message you first?

    1) If you're waiting for him to message you first it's very likely that he's doing the same thing... liking everything you do so that you're encouraged to chat with him. Except he's being way too passive and I personally find this a weak move for a guy to make. And dating him would be a nightmare where you constantly would need to give him approval.

    2) If he's ignoring your direct messages then it's because he doesn't want to talk to you. Then why would he like all your stuff? Maybe because he's a weirdo... or maybe because the more active he is on his social media app, the more his own posts get traction.

    When all else fails... just message him directly and say, "I'm still waiting for you to make up for our first failed plans... :D "

    ~ Robby

    • He will answer my messages but I don't get it

    • Ya, he's not into you. When a guy is really into a girl he'll jump through all types of hoops to let her know. If you're left wondering where he stands it's because he's not that interested. :(

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  • He wants you to message him.. it's weird


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  • Ok, so what's up with that? I mean why should be message you?

    I mean just because a guy likes your posts doesn't mean that he will message you. May be you should try to message him?

  • It means he is interested but wants to see what else is out there. He's trying to keep the doors open. Also can you help me with my question as it requires female opinion www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1978336-girl-who-showed-signs-blocked-me


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